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How can Kinesiology help?

Since 2012, Rossana has been assisting her clients find their own path to wellbeing and better health through her caring, non-judgemental kinesiology sessions. Leaving her client the ability to break through long held beliefs and life restricting issues that no longer serve their greater selves.


Kinesiology can influence the chemistry in our body by reducing the effect of stress hormones in the body.


Our mind calms down and we can think clearly, we feel better, our emotions stabilise and we find we have more options and life choices. 


Kinesiology can lighten the load bearing down on our physical, mental and emotional health as well as reduce physical pain.

What is Kinesiology?

All health has its origins in stress. Adrenal fatigue has become a trendy term where a roller coaster of adrenal responses like fight, flight, freeze, fragmented or fawn reactions have become a major part of our daily existence. The ‘not being able to run away from the tiger’ analogy in life as we know it today has become cliché, but clearly explains why we are stressed most of the time, keeping our cortisol levels out of balance and our adrenals overworking or exhausted. Some of us function better than others but in the long run, most people manage ever increasing levels of stress, which can lead to illness.

We express our stress when no one is around, or we take it out on those around us. We hide it behind a grimaced smile and say we are ‘ok’ or we swallow it down into the body.  We keep on keeping on.  There is a cap on how long this can be sustained.  We reach our limit and emotions like overwhelm, anger and anxiety flood us and we react from this space.

If we talk about what is causing us stress, repeating our story over and over just makes us feel worse. Sometimes instead of feeling heard and supported, we are told to ‘calm down’, we are ‘too emotional’, we are the ‘problem’ or we have to live with ‘it’. So we put our mask back on and we push through the day until the next time we reach out limits.

Over time our health continues to deteriorate, physical pain gets worse or we develop other illnesses. Our brain just does not stop going over things.  Often we don’t recognize ourselves anymore.

Are the only options to quietly suffer or to explode? What toll does this take on our body and our relationships?  Stress keeps increasing. Each higher level of stress raises the bar on the new ‘normal’. We bury more, we scream more, we fight more, we hurt more, we put up with more. We feel more isolated and alone.

Take a look at these top 43 stressful life events.
How many of them apply to you? 

It doesn’t have to be this way. While life events will happen, how we handle them can be different. Our desire to improve our health and our lives or to change things for the better starts with looking after ourselves.  As well as exercise and nutrition which tend to be the first step for most people when they want to improve things, a change in our perception of ourselves and our lives is vitally important.  A good start to achieving a life enhancing perception is managing and reducing stress.  A great therapy for achieving, genuine stable change is kinesiology

How can Kinesiology help?

Kinesiology can be applied or energy work. It has an effect on the chemistry in our body by reducing the effect of stress hormones in the body.

Kinesiology can lighten the load bearing down on our physical, mental and emotional health as well as reduce physical pain.  Once stress levels are reduced it gives us the capacity to see other possibilities in life and we can start taking charge of what happens in our life instead of life happening to us.  The goal of each session is to put back online your own body’s ability to heal itself.  Something stress significantly impedes.

Our mind calms down and we can think clearly, we feel better, our emotions stabilize and we find we have more options and life choices.  We begin to see the potential of possibility.

Kinesiology techniques are based in acupressure, meridian work, counselling, chakra work, massage, tapping, use of flower essences, essential oils, crystals and many other tools that are placed on or near the body to effect a change in the body’s energy systems.  A vital part of a kinesiology session is to identify the emotion or emotions that behave like a road block, keeping you in a repeating loop that stops you from achieving what you want, e.g. better health, better range of motion, better relationships, increased confidence in an area of your life, reduce and defuse emotional swings, moods and pain.

A kinesiologist uses muscle testing to find imbalances in the energetic and physical bodies that keep a particular emotion or pattern of behavior online, then find which sequence of techniques the body needs to clear the path from that emotion or pattern, allowing the body to self correct and the energy in your body to flow. This flow then transfers into your life and what you manifest. Whether the muscle test locks or unlocks guides the therapist on what to do for your body and you.

Hear founder of PKP Kinesiology, Dr. Bruce Dewe talk about Kinesiology.



I have seen Rossana over many years & have no idea how she does it, but I feel calmer & lighter each time I have a session with her. She has an uncanny ability of understanding what is really going on. I highly recommend her.
Sabrina Sedano
I feel that I can highly recommend Rossana for her kinesiology sessions. My feeling is that she is a gifted healer with expert understanding of our energetic human bodies. The space she holds is professional and thorough yet warm, generous and collaborative. I experienced tangible results after one session but will definitely have more sessions on a regular basis or as needed. Very grateful.
Jane Askeland
Rossanna saved me from myself on so many occasions, I came to her in a very dark place and she helped me find my truths, triggers, wounds and heal through her energetic wisdom and knowing. She is my healer, my go to, a wonderful warm and caring nurturing human that I am so blessed to have come across throughout this healing journey. I am so grateful for everything she has helped me through 🙏✨
Tara Blenkinsop


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